Lingsar is a unique and sacred temple of two belief. Hindus and Moeslim waktu telu who worship together in one place for their own believe. It’s built around 1714. Every November or December, pujawali  and perang ketupat are held, carried together between the hindus followers and the sasak ethnic group expressing their thanks to god who has given them well being of life.

Start at 7.30am we will take you to our starting point, 30 minutes drive from senggigi area. We will start riding our bike through back and main road and stop by to the village that make traditional food from banana and other local fruits that are available in the area, then have short visit to the traditional market where you can see many things for sale and how locals do trading. Then we continue the ride back to the road with a beautiful landscape of rice field and mountain. You will pass the local village that have two tribe live together, you will see the temple and the mosque that are located in same area, it’s the symbolic harmony of the area. Keep on riding the bike until the next resting point where you can try local food stall in the area, then continue to ride along the river and the rice field area. Ride uphill for about 15 minutes before enjoy the downhill track at praba village and endut village, you will also pass the village where the villager make handycraft from the grass called “ketak” and see nice landscape from the mountain and rice field area. The ride will  end at Lingsar temple where local guide will take you to the temple and do little exploration around the temple. By the end we will drive you back to you place.

Approximate Time Durations  6 Hours
Minimum Booking 2 packages
WEAR Comfortable biking clothing,  sunglasses, supportive shoes, camera, hat and sunscreen.
English Speaking  biking guide Transportation from your hotel to biking site
entrance fees Soft drinks or Mineral water and snacks.
any additional expenses and insurance.


Let The Adventure Begin!

This is biking trip that requires a good level of your fitness. Every participant should be in a good health.

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